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Creative, Writing, + Business Symbols in your birth chart
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I offer in-depth analysis of your astrological birth chart with the focus on your creative and/or business archetypes.

Which archetypes do you hold in your voice + style?

Which archetypes can you employ for your daily work + approach to creation?

Which archetypes can show you what your unique value is?

$60 In-Depth Notion Page with Moodboard + Links for Solo Exploration

With this Astro-Archetypes reading, I put together a deep-dive into your chart's unique symbols, energies, and archetypes.  It is my belief that identifying image-based, graspable trends in your birth chart opens up much needed clarity in order to focus your creative and entrepreneurial efforts.

Each one of these Notion pages are as unique as the individual.  But, some descriptions you can expect are:

- Sabian, Omega, and Chandra symbols for key placements in your chart as they relate to your areas of life in creativity, business, income, service, and language

- Analysis of how your placements work as a team.  For example, a person with Venus and Mars conjunct (right next to each other) in Aries has a natural access point to leadership, physical energy, and get-to-it!-ness.  

- Asteroids and Fixed Stars are often keys to finding archetypes like The Mother Earth, The Child, The Explorer, The Poet, The Yogi.  If there is a clear pattern in your chart that points to community building, celebration, harmony, creating peaceful and cozy home environments: we may find that Hestia -- the goddess of the hearth -- would be a key archetype for you

45 - 60 Minute Live Zoom Conversation ($30)

After the Notion Page has been created, I will send it to you and you have the choice of adding a 45 - 60 minute live Zoom call to ask questions and expound on the descriptions shared.  This conversation will be an open, free-flowing opportunity for you to gain a closer look at what feels more important to you in the moment.

Go Further

Feel free to message me for follow-up calls if you're interested in learning more about my person-centered, archetypal, storytelling-based methods, or about finding archetypes in other areas of your life that are not related to creativity, writing, or business.

Writing / Business Consultation

Message me if you're looking for someone to take a look at your creative or business writing.  I'd love to offer suggestions for bringing your language closer to the stories and archetypes inherent in your chart.

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