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Hi!  I’m KP Kaszubowski (KAH joo BOW skee).  I am a Milwaukee/Spokane-based subconscious healing + creativity coach, poet, and filmmaker.  I support deep feelers and artists as they release emotional blocks and step into a space of clarity and ease.  It’s my passion to help others get past unhealthful patterns and beliefs so they can experience their deepest desires, now.

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My Approach

I approach each session with gentle non-judgement and the belief that everyone has the ability to step out of their past behaviors, grow into their dream selves, and seek their highest potential.  I meet your energy with enthusiastic warmth, and hold each session in a free-flowing fashion with thoughtful, seamless guidance as we plumb the depths of your subconscious - which will allow you to create personal change on a deep level, very quickly.

See if we're a good fit

To see what subconscious healing feels like, schedule a free Discovery Session here.  This Discovery Session is a 45 minute long Zoom call where you can try at least one subconscious healing technique before committing to a session with me.

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Neurolinguistic Programming

Clinical Hypnotherapy

TIME Techniques (timeline exploration)

Life and Success Coaching

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Mental Wealth Method


Trauma Informed Care Certification

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Special Interests:


Releasing emotional blocks

Gaining clarity on the core of unhealthful behaviors

Ending generational patterns

Abundance mindset

Releasing anxiety and depression

Manifesting healthy behaviors and relationships

Healthy boundary setting

Substance abuse

Stepping into a new identity

Confidence building

Creativity abundance

Non-violent communication

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Custom Hypnosis Tracks

Delivered virtually within 5 business days

For $55, you will receive a 15 - 30 min. hypnosis track customized to your personal desires, hopes, and dreams using imagery and language directly supportive of where you are in your journey toward a more joyful, healthful life.  Take your time to fill out this survey of reflection questions and receive a poetic, potent customized hypnosis track virtually within 5 - 7 days.  Your customized track will come with an inspirational message as well as a few journal prompts to connect your conscious self with your subconscious self as you step into the life you desire.

Current Session Offerings

Each session is designed as an introductory session.  If you would like to schedule follow-up sessions, they will be offered at a discounted rate and tailored to your specific needs.

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includes long-term session package information

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Book a complimentary discovery session with me to try out how subconscious healing techniques feel.  This is a completely free session to see if we're a good fit before you decide to commit to a session.

Schedule your time here.

Breakthrough Session Card.png

A Breakthrough Session is an opportunity to discover the root cause of your personal or career issues, break through blocks, and attract what you desire in a multi-faceted session that could include: future-oriented hypnosis, motivation installations, releasing of old patterns and beliefs, and unveiling your unique gifts and talents.

Schedule your time here.

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Live hypnosis sessions are especially powerful for attracting your deepest desires, installing healthful behaviors and beliefs, and generally encouraging your subconscious mind toward working on long term goals and personal growth.

Schedule your time here.

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This Blocks Releasing Session is specifically designed to get all that's holding you back out of your way.  This could be old, unhealthful patterns.  Or, it could be identifying parts of you that are in conflict and having them reconcile with each other, creating a more whole self.

Schedule your time here.

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This Manifestation Session is meant to explore your deepest desires and install beliefs, habits, and realizations to usher in the life you've been wishing for.

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"Nobody told me it could have been sooner"

- Jenna Knapp, my trainer and the founder of The Mental Wealth Method, in conversation about the personal breakthroughs I've made through her program.  Feeling the weight of how I used to go through life versus now, the noticeable changes in attitude, self-care, awareness, and my ability to feel joy.

Subconscious healing has been the most effective modality in my personal healing journey.  After trying out many types of therapeutic styles that rely on the analysis of the past, I found the future-based methods of neurolinguistic programming and subconscious healing to be best suited for me.  


Instead of damning the behaviors, subconscious healing discovers the root cause and releases its hold on the whole self.  One of the core tenets of the subconscious mind is that “people are not their behaviors.”  People are their belief and value systems, and when we discover the maladaptations and assumptions the subconscious mind has made over time, we can “move things around” to be more healthful and hopeful.  


Subconscious healing techniques work quickly and deeply in this way.  It has been so effective for myself in shedding old patterns and installing beliefs of personal safety, efficacy, strength, clarity, and creativity.  


I did not know how difficult my day-to-day was until I felt my subconscious mind compute with ease and effortlessness after just a few sessions with my beloved practitioners.  


The subconscious mind works best when it’s working as a whole.  The more I integrate the many parts of me, the easier it feels to step toward the goals I’ve sought after.

Specifically, one of the most powerful sessions I’ve had was when I discovered the core root of my anxiety, released its hold over me, and saw the positive side of what anxiety has done for me.  I could then take the lesson of why anxiety was there instead of having to experience it over and over again.  I used to describe myself as chronically anxious, but now I feel my confidence and the belief that I am safe no matter where I am is what I use in situations where I used to be overcome by anxiety.

I want this for you.  I want this for everyone.  It's my heart to share these tools for everyone to heal on a deep subconscious level.