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Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski Polaroid

KP Kaszubowski
Poet, Filmmaker,
& Astrologer

medieval sun knight illustration

Artist CV

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Creative Services

Copywriting | Video Production | Developmental Book Editor | Research

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Creative Projects

Strange-shaped Fiction & Poetry | Doc Producer | Narrative Designer | Screenwriter & Film Director

My  Projects

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The Labyrinth

Emojis love letter hand writing star talk

Writing Resource Library, Substack Newsletter, & Discord Community for Writers

RINGOLEVIO Feature Film Still 1 Nicole Velasco Lockard


Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

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Archetypal Astrologer & Book Doula

I want to do this every day. 


I want to encourage and create in various voices.  I love to speak in many tongues.

Hildegard von Bingen illustration Scivias
Medieval zodiac illustration cancer capricorn aquarius libra aries archetype


I've found the circles of poets & mystics often intersect.

image of friends writing poems together notebooks
Sappho quote "What cannot be said will be wept."
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