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Available Services

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It's the people for me.  I want to work with clients that seek to connect people with healthy, enriching experiences, services, and environments.

Below are just a few of the services I offer.  I encourage you to reach out for services that are not listed below!

Brand Voice

I take an embodied approach to writing with your brand's unique voice.  I seek to understand the core motivators, desires, obstacles, and strengths of your brand as if it is the hero in an epic narrative.  In doing so, I find confidence in my "brand ventriloquism" and especially enjoy writing for campaigns with multiple content pillars that require an easeful cohesion across channels.

My background in writing for the screen and stage supports this capability to assume the role of each brand.  I am especially excited to work with brands who employ humor, satire, or the strange*.  I channel my "I want to be a star!" energy into my copywriting.

*I often watch one particular comedian's videos on loop for weeks at a time.  Right now it is James Acaster.  Previously, I devoured Katharine Hepburn's movies.  It took a while to shake the voice...

Content Coaching

I love to work with clients who are interested in stepping up their game with inherently engaging content.  Let's play with VR!  Let's see how incorporating animation will boost engagement with your business!  You and your team have limited resources but want to begin engaging your consumers with consistent newsletter and blog content?  Yes! 


I fold my experience as a empowerment and life coach into working with brands and small businesses to create a "let's see what sticks!" sense of possibility with a level-headed producer-brain.

I repeat often in my writing classes and I see that it relates here: if you make something with passion, it will be experienced passionately.   I want to support your business in identifying which marketing strategies you would be passionate with creating.

Community Building

I seek to work with brands that offer solutions to their consumers' uniques needs by engaging in deep inquiry with their audiences.  I support businesses in building genuine avenues of communication where their audience offers actionable feedback.  I see community building as integral to a business' success and a way to build sustainable trust with their customers.

This could look like:

- Focus Group Facilitation 

- Virtual Community Platform Moderation

- Live Event Design + Marketing

- Survey Development + Analysis

- Course Content Curriculum + Production

- Social Media Content that fosters meaningful conversation

Video Production

I bring to my clients 12+ years of producing zero-budget indie films, micro-budget documentaries, and million-dollar commercial shoots.  I love my flexibility with return-on-investment feasibility and enthusiastic "dream big!" video creation. I especially look to work with clients that want high impact video content that lean in to their distinctive brand voice.

I work with a wide network of video creators, composers, animators, performers, and otherwise creative people.  Depending on the scope, I take the creative producer's role first and then fill in the crew as needed.

I am especially skilled with working with actors in various settings as a director, and enjoy balancing the director's vision with the producer's practicality.

Content Strategy

I relish in the chance to design content from step one.  I approach the planning process with a holistic lens that incorporates my certifications and scholarship in neuro-linguistic programming, scholarly research, rhetoric, and creative writing.  We start at the identity level first and then work up to sales targets and identifying the most joyful pathways to meet those goals.  I am a proponent of content strategy to plays to your business' and personnel's strengths.  What is even more important to me is that the content strategy encourages the pleasure in creating and not just creating for creating's sake.

What I love concepting with clients:

- Lead generating industry-specific blogposts either as researcher-writer or interviewer-copywriter of your resident expert team

- Lead generating trend reports translated into blog posts, reels, or video content

- Influencer relationships with highly engaged audiences

- Course content and video series with charismatic presenters, informed by trauma informed and Universal Design for Learning pedagogical methods 

E-mail Marketing

I am convinced of the power of a focused and inherently valuable e-mail.  I find energy in developing potent capsules in each e-mail message to your audience.  I seek clients that are excited by offering useful and entertaining information as core to their marketing strategy.  In each e-mail message, I see an opportunity to build a bond with your audience as an expert (or entertainer!) in your realm.

I am especially excited by brands that seek to engage their audiences with personal essay-like e-mail marketing.

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