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Intention for the next 16 weeks: UNSHAKEABLY ME

Coach Jenna asked us to think deeply about setting an intention for the next 16 weeks.

What do I want to transform

as I go through the process of understanding

and using my subconscious mind

to fashion the life I desire most

for myself?

Initially I found the word “stillness” after a particularly frustrating week responding to people who have been abusing their power. It was getting in the way of my peace - something I rely on to keep my writing practice up. Writing daily, for me, is as important as exercise, stretching, hydration, good sleep. And when I am not able to get into a place of focus and stillness, I can’t write. And if I don’t write at least a phrase, I am out of balance for the rest of the day.

But “stillness” as an intention didn’t feel exactly right. It’s not that I want to be still; I’m encouraging a lot of movement. I am hoping for shifts and change. In the next 16 weeks, I want to transform myself in so many ways -- how can I choose just one intention? One word?

I think about how scared I am to show myself, to expose myself to critique. I have two opposing desires: I long to be seen. And, I fear rejection, refusal, dismissal. I don’t smile as widely as I want to. I obscure many of my truest thoughts in my writing. I try to cover my emotions in stoicism, stone. Many times when I walk into a room, my first thought is, “do they want me to leave?” The amount of energy it takes for me to steel myself from the potential of someone pointing out how I’m not living up to someone’s standards is the energy I could use to feel good.

I want to be unshakeably me.

I want to internalize the adage, “if I wouldn’t go to them for advice, hell if I will take their criticism.”

I don’t want to be affected by what people think of me, or how people treat me. (Unless it’s genuine hugs and deep conversations, those are treats I’d love to be treated with always.)

I’ve been called “unflappable” in high stress situations, but I’m far from unflappable in my own life. At any moment, someone could take my day (or week) away from me by calling me a name - even if the name is beyond false. And I can’t afford my days taken away from me. I can’t afford my peace, my warmth taken from me.

So, my intention for the next 16 weeks is to show myself, to really show my thoughts (the worst of them, the most burdensome ones) without fear of others thinking I’m dumb or wrong or out of touch or boring (BORING might be the worst one).

I’m going to walk into the metaphorical room UNSHAKEABLE and allow myself to be seen. I am not going to let anyone throttle me. No one is allowed to turn me away from myself. For the next 16 weeks, I am going to establish who I am no matter where I am. I will create that place inside me that is impenetrable, still, focused.

Of course, I hope everyone likes me and vibes with me. But no one is all things to everyone. Nor should I want to be. Nor should I want to be.

My word for the next 16 weeks is



From February to May 2021, I am going through the Mental Wealth Method virtual Life Coaching & NLP Certification course. On the other end, I will have completed a 150+ Hour Certification in NLP, TIME Techniques, Clinical Hypnosis, EFT, and Life & Success Coaching. I believe deeply in the power of language and the power of our subconscious mind. Throughout the course, I will be blogging my notes, thoughts, and personal shifts.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to message me! This is my favorite thing to talk about (other than my dog Otto)! And if you’re interested in being one of my “soft clients” as I practice these powerful healing, releasing, and transformational modalities, I would be so honored to help you tap into your own subconscious.

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