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Anchoring: Dizzy Gillespie + gingergrass

In about 50 minutes, @thementalwealthmethod Jenna guided me through creating two powerful “anchors” for my writing practice. Dizzy Gillespie’s “Bang Bang” and gingergrass scent. I still feel the joy of laughing through the “beep beep”s of the beginning of the song, seeing Jenna dance along too - as I visualized moments where I felt “sink in”, “acuity”, and “calm” while writing. How fun + lively.

Sometimes I assume writing should feel more reverent: walking along a wooded path in natural silence with a dog, contemplating Big Things like God and Justice. That’s too much stillness for what I want to write. I want the energy of a Dizzy Gillespie song as I grab thoughts from the “grocery aisle” and put them into my cart (the page) as I search for what I am actually trying to say. The Dizzy weaving of thoughts and playing with words.

Have you smelled gingergrass, too? It’s so close to the fizzy, spicy ginger ale but mixed with lemon or blinding sun. One cannot sleep or drift off in this smell. One must accept the warmth and fizz of it. It’s a scent very close to how Latin jazz sounds. I am so grateful to Jenna for walking me through all of this so I can build a quick access point to get into my “writing state.” Especially in this unusually busy time where I am not able to get as much sleep, meditation, nature walks as I require to really sink in and focus on writing.

I can still vividly see how much fun Jenna was having with the music too - even with all of this Zoom call fatigue, last night was my week’s highlight. She’s not only teaching me how to do these NLP techniques for myself and others, but she’s holding space for me to make sure I have what I need while I’m learning. (I could have asked for her help with “programming” anything… but getting into my writing state more quickly felt like a very important first domino as I start working inside neurolinguistic programming.)

The more I hit play on “Bang Bang” and smell gingergrass, the more quickly and intensely these anchors will work. I honestly don’t know how it’d feel to be able to get into writing mode instantly. Up until now, it’s felt like chasing lightning, even if I follow all the rules from the millions of writing books… but, I’m excited to welcome the ability to catch lightning whenever I want. No matter how much chaos or blah is happening around me.

In the next month or so, I’ll be taking “soft clients” to practice these techniques. If you want to learn how to quickly access any “state of being”, e-mail me at I’d love to help you pick your anchors and establish the beginning of this journey for you. If you don’t respond well to sounds or scents, any sensory input works just as well, just as long as you’re committed to reinforcing the anchor.

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