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I support brands in finding their core audience with brand identity discovery and alignment.


At the core of everything is the story.  What story are you going to tell?


How does your content align with your business' goals?


Let's work together to create a sustainable and exciting plan for your business.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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Dear Self, With Love

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Event Design + Marketing

Client: Beloit International Film Festival   |   2021  |   Event Design, Copy + Production

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I supported the virtual international film festival as event curator, designer, live producer, copywriter, and graphic designer.  We utilized both Facebook Live events and StreamYard.  

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The "problem" opened up possibility.

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These events solved the problem of a socially distanced film festival known as a filmmaker-friendly celebration where local and international filmmakers mingle with the Beloit, WI community.  Without the ability to bring people together in-person, I supported the festival's pivot by offering highly interactive virtual events with "insider looks" and filmmaker master classes.

As well as the filmmaker craft events, I developed and produced the Not-So-Late Show with the Executive Director Greg Gerard.  I saw his hambone personality and natural skill with conversation as an opportunity to engage the die-hard BIFF fanbase virtually with a nightly recap of that day's festival events and screenings with a Jay Leno flair.  And, of course, we anticipated the pandemic early-to-bed folks by baking the "not so late" concept into the event.

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event concept | production | copywriting | graphic design


A once-in-a-festival-lifetome opportunity was made available through this challenge.  Now, no one's saying they wished for a virtual film festival but this did allow us to host an intimate conversation with celebrated and highly decorated film composer Rachel Portman from across the pond.

With the idea that these intimate live events offer value to the cinema-curious as well as those already embedded in the filmmaking craft, we invited two budding Hollywood composers (and hometown heroes!) to ask Rachel Portman advice for their early careers in composing for film.

event concept | production | copywriting | graphic design | event host

VIRTUAL EVENT: "Designing the World of Film: a tête-à-tête between production designers"



Long-time collaborators Kara Mulrooney and Amanda Tollefson share about their Work-In-Progress The Woman Inside Me (Working Title), a feature film with both historically-based and otherworldly design elements.

In this virtual event, the filmmakers will reveal their process in all things set dressing, costume designing, prop fashioning, and color paletting.

Consider this an all-access peek into feature film production design – your chance to learn from our very own BIFF alumnae and darlings of Wisconsin filmmaking.

Community Engagement
& Social Media Management

Client: Wes Tank StoryRaps  |   2021  |   Patreon Community Moderator, Social Media + Virtual Event Production

I supported Wes Tank's StoryRaps Children's Television Program + Patreon Community Live Zoom events as social media manager, "copy ventriloquist", and content strategist.

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Product Copy + Brand Voice Consulting

Client: Dear Self With Love Studio  |   2023  |   Brand Voice Analysis, "About Me" Webpage Copy, + Product Copy

Brand Voice Analysis included:

- SEO keyword list across all products and programs

- Suggestions for Content with Brand Voice elements

- Examples of Brand Voice "sisters"

- Consultation on Brand Voice focus strategies



The DEAR SELF WITH LOVE Studio is Jenna’s offering of tangible resources for showing up for oneself and deepening self love on the daily.  

DEAR SELF WITH LOVE is a studio that makes tangible objects to support your journey back to yourself through intuition building activities, self-love rituals, and affirming permission slips.

The 2023 DEAR SELF WITH LOVE Planner is the first of many printed products developed by creator Jenna Knapp that utilizes her fountain of knowledge in developing gentle though transformative practices in designing one’s future and offering oneself the care we all deserve.  This planner helps you forecast your dreams, celebrate your wins, capture inspiration, log your memorable moments and ask for help from your support systems.


The Dear Self With Love Studio is inspired by a pop-up workshop Jenna hosted in 2018 at the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  This workshop invited participants to write letters to their future selves — a potent forecasting technique supported by what scientists and personal development experts know about scripting and the subconscious mind. 


Guests sat down and wrote *in the present tense* to their 2019 self and then signed, sealed, and deposited their letters into a papier-mâché mailbox their return address on it.

Whether you’re needing a reminder in the form of a sticker on a water bottle, participating in a virtual letter writing workshop (coming soon!), or diving deep into the 2023 self-love planner - I hope this space fills you with a sense of possibility for what the future can hold and all of the amazing things you are capable of creating in your life!

*when writing down your desires, using the present tense builds a certainty in your subconscious mind, and offers a positive task for your subconscious mind to work on “underneath the surface” until your desires are realized.

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