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Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski (she/her/hers)  is a poet, playwright, and filmmaker currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 


Through her work, she creates moments in time, often presenting memories attached to no one person as a means to express a collective experience.  In her writings and films, she aims to connect readers with a feeling of sameness.  Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski often explores themes of exclusion, self-betrayal, and self-acceptance.  She glides between mediums of poetry, playwriting, and filmmaking, ultimately deepening her understanding of how moments live out and are filtered into a better understanding of one’s self.  All this, with a devilish smile and, sometimes, childish playfulness.


Recent works include “somnieeee” (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, 2019), “Ringolevio” (Feature Film, 2020), and DUET DUET III (pitymilk press, 2018).  More projects listed here (LINK).


“Kristin plays with words in a way that suggest she might be playing with life. Sometimes dark, always strange, and often funny, somnieeee stands out as a comprehensive collection by a fascinating wit.”

- Vegetarian Alcoholic Press, on “somnieeee”


Wisconsin filmmaker isn't playing games with debut feature 'Ringolevio'

- Rob Thomas, The Cap Times


'She has lines like "the space here where there are one thousand silences." Also ""We are all mirrors looking at ourselves." Also "Whatever comfort there is / when she's there to look at you with brown eyes /  whatever comfort there is when she's there / whatever comfort there is when she's there to look." She has great promise as a young poet and I write this to recommend her and praise her work!' 

- Antler the Poet on "somnieeee"



Kristin Peterson Kaszubowski graduated with a BA in Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies from UW-Milwaukee in December 2012, after exploring coursework in film production, abnormal psychology, and art therapy.  After graduation, she organized and programmed for the Beloit International Film Festival where she gained experience in event design, management, event marketing, and social media marketing.  


She began writing and directing her own films after the informal education through watching thousands of independently made films submitted to the Beloit International Film Festival.  She returned to Milwaukee, WI to continue making her own films, and joined the producer team at the Top 10 privately owned advertising agency BVK (Wyoming Tourism, CITGO, Carmex, United Way).


Throughout these years, she dedicated herself to a daily writing practice where she explored many styles of writing, developing her own voice and style over time.  In 2017, she took the plunge and began a freelancing career in copywriting, and film and commercial production.  Since then, she’s produced a number of feature films including “My First and Last Film” (Director Tracey Thomas), as well as published poetry books (dgp pity milk alcoholic).  


Today, she is in the process of writing a new full length poetry collection, amongst fledgling play and screenplay projects.  She’s also in progress on a not-yet-title novel.  She is also one of the two scoops of the feature film production company Two Scoops Productions.

Curriculum Vitae
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Select Projects




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